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The Wreckoning

Darkest Hour

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The Wreckoning
Lyrics - Keith Watkins / Music - The Wreckoning


You'd always be there for me, that's what you said You'd always take care of me, but you never did You'd always hold my hand when times were hard So why did you let me go in the middle of the dark Where were you in my darkest hour Where were you when the sun went down Where were you in my darkest hour Nothing but lies and you always let me down You said you'd pick me up if I would fall You said you'd lift me up, I'd be ten feet tall You said I'd heal in time, they won't leave a mark But all those killing words have left so many scars You've never been there for me, but I turned out fine You never took care of me, but this life is mine You never held my hand when day turned to night So I learned to help myself and now I see the light Where were you Where were you Where were you in my darkest hour