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The Wreckoning is putting together a Collection CD that will include Band and fan favorites!!! This CD will be available soon so stay tuned for more details!!!

With Carlos adding the thunder, and the bands health issues behind, The Wreckoning is poised to release a Greatest Hits CD with the band favorites remixed from the last 12 years to be a prelude to a new 5 song EP they will be entering the studio to record soon!! So get ready for some greatness to hit your ears soon!

The new single from The Wreckoning "THIS IS WHO I AM" was released today!! Check it out at or just simply click the video above and Rock It!!!




For Immediate Release

August 9, 2011



MEDIA CONTACT: Scott Garner, 678-378-8354,


(Atlanta, GA) – With the current political climate focusing on the economic situation in America, many are overlooking what is happening in the Middle East. As September approaches, the current Administration seems to be softening America's long standing stance of strong support for Israel. It also appears certain Palestinian groups plan to petition the UN directly for a separate Palestinian State.

Many people around the globe see what is happening and are urging others to take notice before changes happen that could plunge the Middle East into a situation that would lead to more insecurity in Israel, and possibly war.

The members of an independent rock band in the Atlanta Georgia area have taken notice, and taken action!

THE WRECKONING have written & recorded a song, as well as video, in support of Israel entitled “FOR ISRAEL”. Although the sound of this band is normally hard-driving rock, they crafted this song as an acoustic piece that could be enjoyed by all. The focus is to get the message out to as many people worldwide as possible, WE MUST SUPPORT ISRAEL!

Whether you're a conservative that supports Israel because of their strong stance as a democracy with a free market economy and long standing support of US interests, or a liberal that supports their (unheard of in the Middle East) equality in women, gays, and others most of their surrounding countries oppress, the truth remains the same, WE MUST SUPPORT ISRAEL” - The Wreckoning

The Wreckoning's hope is that the video and song “FOR ISRAEL” will be a tool to give support to those fighting for Israel's cause, and bring awareness to many that don't realize just what is at stake.

The video can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

For a broadcast ready Mp3 of the song, lyrics, or more information, please contact Scott Garner: or 678-378-8354

More information on the band can also be found at:

<For Israel, BMI, Gregory Scott Garner, Andy Brooks, Keith Watkins, Phillip Howell, copyright 2011 The Wreckoning>


Hey Wreckoning fans, great news!  The side project we have been working on is done and up for you to check out!  "FOR ISRAEL" is our brand new song, and it and the video for it are now online!!

Go to our ReverbNation page at: to buy the song & download it!

We also have a brand new YouTube Channel for the band at:  Go there and subscribe and check out our new video for the song!

If you haven't done so yet, be sure and find us on Facebook and "like" us!  The momentum is building, great things are coming!

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We are wrapping up production on our special side project and are about to begin recording the new CD!!! Finally!!! I know.. ROCK ON!!!!

The Wreckoning has overcome many serious set-backs over the last 2 months...But pre-production of the new CD will begin 5/16/2011...tomorrow. Thank you for your continuing patience, love and support for the band. And as always...


Wow!!! You guys are awesome...Without us begging or even asking, you have voted on your own and moved The Wreckoning up to #38 on the ReverbNation Metal Chart!!! Please help us get to 1000 fans before the weekend is out!!! Just go to!/thewreckoning and become a fan!!! All we need is 35 fans to make 1000!!! Thanks again everyone!!! And as always...ROCK ON!!!

Those of you worried that we are no longer going to record....Stop IT!!! LOL!!! Scott is picking up our tunes very quickly, and we are writing a few new ones. So the delay to recording is a very slight one. The Wreckoning will be back in the studio shortly. And thanks to those voting for us on ReverbNation!!! and as always...ROCK ON!!!
Scott Garner: former Drummer for "Aliens and Strangers" and "The Wreckoning" after an 8 year hiatus is back. January 24th was our first rehearsal and it was as if he never left the band. This begins a new era for The Wreckoning but recording is still our primary goal. Hang in there guys...we will have something for you soon...and as always ROCK ON!!!
Bill Janousek and the band have parted ways. Musical differences have separated us professionally, but on the best of terms. Bill is a great friend and brother to us all and will always be a part of our families.
We are snowed in Atlanta GA... Unfortunately not in the studio...This Blows!!! Rock On!!
Hey Guys. We are still plugging away in the studio. We are predicting an early April/ end of March release. Thank you so much for your positive emails and all your messages on Facebook. Your support truly motivates us!!! You can always contact us through our emails on this site and you can also check us out on . Thanks again and as always...ROCK ON!!!
The pre-production for the drums is now complete!!! Now we lay the skins for real!!! ROCK ON!!!!!
Bill's drums are miked up and the sounds are being set. Should start actually recording the drum tracks in a few days. The excitement is building a bit around us here at Section 8 Studios in the ATL!!! ROCK ON PEEPS!!!!
Alright guys!!! I just want to remind you that it is easier than ever to follow The Wreckoning!!! Follow us on Facebook by searching The Wreckoning on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter by searching The_Wreckoning on Twitter. And as always....ROCK ON!!!!
He guys!!! Been promoting the site on Facebook and on Twitter, so everyone can have up to the minute updates at those locations. Funny thing is I have been promoting the site to get people to crank up our tunes...and I totally forgot to keep our main web-page up to date. It will not happen again!!! I am so amp-ed up over this new CD I am Crazy!!! Anyway... stay tuned and as always...ROCK ON!!!! ~Andy~
Yeah... I know... I can't believe it either. We are moving into the studio tomorrow night!!! This has been coming for so long I am not sure whether to believe it or not!!! Bills drums are already miked-up and ready. Tomorrow Phillip and I will move our stuff in and start getting miked-up and getting all the sounds right. We will keep you posted. And as always ROCK ON!!!! Andy-
We are going to stop writing to go in the studio. The songs are flowing out like mad... but if we don't stop we will never record. We should have enough material to start a new CD by the time this one is done at the rate we are writing!!! And as always ROCK ON!!!

Heard you missed us… We’re back!!! October 12th 2009- After blasting out the last CD “Darkest Hour” in 2007, the band took a severe set back that almost caused our demise. During this time period Tom Christofferson left the band for family reasons, none of which we blame him for, and we are all still a virtual family with Tom and we miss him dearly. Meanwhile Bill Janousek, an old friend and band-mate has stepped into The Wreckoning, and has brought a new perspective and feel to The Wreckoning’s music. The band has quickly revised some old, and written some new songs in which we hope to begin recording within the next two weeks. Thanks for hanging in there guys, and as always ROCK ON!!!

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