From the recording I'm Still Waiting


I'm waiting by the phone. I guess it's never going to ring. The rain is really coming down, and I've thought of so many things. Like the first time we met. The softness of your kiss. The way that you looked in my eyes. Oh God, there's so much I miss. If I could just go back in time, and make things the way it used to be. If I could write the words or the lines to make you come back to me. But, here I wait. I'm waiting for an endless summer day. I'm waiting till my heart gets swept away. I'm waiting for the sun to shine again. I'm still waiting. I'm waiting just to feel you're hand in mine. I'm waiting for the stars to come in line. I'm waiting just to hear you're voice again. Oh lord, I'm still waiting. I wait in this darkened room. But, I still see the candle light. The way that you played with you're hair. I really need you here tonight. If I could hold you once more. I'd really pour on the charm. We'd dance across that old wood floor. Forever in each other's arms. If I could take you back in time. Remember the man I used to be. I'd take back the words out of line. Then you could come back to me. But, here I wait.