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August 9, 2011



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(Atlanta, GA) – With the current political climate focusing on the economic situation in America, many are overlooking what is happening in the Middle East. As September approaches, the current Administration seems to be softening America's long standing stance of strong support for Israel. It also appears certain Palestinian groups plan to petition the UN directly for a separate Palestinian State.

Many people around the globe see what is happening and are urging others to take notice before changes happen that could plunge the Middle East into a situation that would lead to more insecurity in Israel, and possibly war.

The members of an independent rock band in the Atlanta Georgia area have taken notice, and taken action!

THE WRECKONING have written & recorded a song, as well as video, in support of Israel entitled “FOR ISRAEL”. Although the sound of this band is normally hard-driving rock, they crafted this song as an acoustic piece that could be enjoyed by all. The focus is to get the message out to as many people worldwide as possible, WE MUST SUPPORT ISRAEL!

Whether you're a conservative that supports Israel because of their strong stance as a democracy with a free market economy and long standing support of US interests, or a liberal that supports their (unheard of in the Middle East) equality in women, gays, and others most of their surrounding countries oppress, the truth remains the same, WE MUST SUPPORT ISRAEL” - The Wreckoning

The Wreckoning's hope is that the video and song “FOR ISRAEL” will be a tool to give support to those fighting for Israel's cause, and bring awareness to many that don't realize just what is at stake.

The video can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

For a broadcast ready Mp3 of the song, lyrics, or more information, please contact Scott Garner: or 678-378-8354

More information on the band can also be found at:

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