Heavy crunchy guitar riffs and thick melody are not always the easiest thing to blend. It's even more impressive when you hear an underground band pull it off with panache. The Wreckoning has a solid, full-bodied sound with good production quality. The riffs are chunky but sleek and hammer in at a mid tempo, finding their force through riff headiness rather than speed. At the same time, the instrumental work is imbued with a respectable sense of melody, so ears have more to listen to than mindless, raging jackhammering. The vocals really bring out the melodic quality of the songwriting and they are much like instrumentals in that they are potent and thick but also belt out rugged but crisp singing rather than bellowing. The Wreckoning is a polished act, a fine example of melodic modern heavy metal  ” - Upchuck Undergrind

— fishcomcollective.net